SoloWings Gyrate

Training Schedule

PPL Training Schedule

Trial Flight

10-15 hours Dual

Class 2 Medical

First Solo

65 hours Flight Time approx.

6 Theory Exams

Flight Test

Private Pilots Licence


10 hours Night Rating

10 hours Aerobatic Rating

6-7 hours Multi Engine Rating

Advanced Training

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL-A)

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have the following:

A minimum of 200 hours flight time comprising of at least:

100 hours pilot-in-command

30 hours cross-country

10 hours instrument

10 hours night flying (optional)

6 Theory Exams


Aircraft Technical Knowledge

Principles of Flight


Aviation Law

Human Factors

"C" Category Instructor Rating

This rating is a junior instructor qualification, and the pilot must hold a Commercial Pilot Licence with flight time as follows:

200 hours total flight experience in the appropriate category of aircraft

150 hours pilot-in-command

15 hours instrument time

40 hours cross-country as pilot-in-command

10 hours night flying (optional)